Two Inpatient, 12 Outpatient Trips to Rehab

I went to two different rehabs that cost my parents about $60 grand in total.  As you can imagine, they were pretty nice places.  I found both of them pretty relaxing and kind of a relaxing environment to be in because I didn’t have to deal with the regular life drama or worry about constantly using.

I was able to stay on Ativan and Suboxone at both places as well, and that helped a lot.

They really hit hard at the 12-step stuff at the first place.  I’m not that into the 12-steps, but did what I could to make them think I was.

The counselors were good and they really helped me learn a lot about addiction in general as well as about myself.

I really got along with a kid who entered and finished at the same time I did.  Unfortunately, I later heard that a week after he was released and went home, he OD’d.

I was only able to stay clean for about 3-4 weeks that time.

I liked the counselors at the second one as well and I learned every more about myself at this one.  This facility was more relaxed than the first one.  Even though they had something scheduled for us all the time, some of the activities were hiking, bowling, movies, etc, so that was cool.

Unfortunately for me, even though I genuinely wanted to get and stay clean when I entered both places, I found that when I went home to my regular life and environment, it was just too easy to resume my old habits.

I really wanted to get clean and sober but nothing seemed to work.  In addition to these two inpatient places, I did outpatient about a dozen times and did the Suboxone thing 30 times… but none of it worked for me.

Eventually I tried Methadone and was super happy to find out that it actually worked for me.

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