The Bobby Benson Center

The Bobby Benson Center is a residential and outpatient, community-based social-learning model program designed to provide adolescents, ages 13-17, with the opportunity to gain the skills needed to develop a lasting recovery from dependency on drugs or alcohol. Specifically, the treatment program is designed to help break through the denial of drug and alcohol addiction, develop skills to manage the ups and downs of life and begin taking personal responsibility for actions. To begin this process, clients are introduced to their peer group and assigned a buddy, living accommodations and a primary counselor.

Clients are expected to work closely with a primary counselor in the development of a treatment plan aimed at identifying and understanding alcohol/drug problems and applying proven methods to change behavior. Clients are given reading and writing assignments to help meet treatment goals. Before graduation, the assigned primary counselor will develop an aftercare plan that provides the best opportunity for recovery. We believe that clients have the ultimate responsibility for recovery. The staff of Bobby Benson Center is committed to working with each client to develop the ability and learn the responsibility of seeking solutions to problems and to working towards achieving goals.


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