“Treatment” is a highly structured phase where most of an individual’s inclinations, strengths, and weaknesses are established. Residents are also encouraged to get-to-know each other and establish healthy friendships. As the treatment phase progresses, time is consumed by regular job functions, academics, seminars and encounter groups; leaving no time for non-constructive endeavors. At Habilitat, residents learn hard, work hard and play hard. The Treatment phase provides the foundations of a new lifestyle, one focused on responsibility, self-reliance, self- awareness, confidence and commitment to change.

Most prospective residents come into Habilitat because they lack purpose and meaning in their lives. They are often emotionally immature and cannot cope with day-to-day pressures, anxieties, and disappointments. In the “treatment phase”, these residents are taught a new way to deal with their feelings. They are given tools and concepts, and most importantly, concern from others who understand. From the examples set by others, it becomes clear that a new life is possible for anyone who makes use of what is offered. The program can work for anyone.

Individuals will begin to develop regular sleeping and eating habits. Simple principles such as being on time, cleaning up after themselves and other seemingly simple tasks have to be relearned. The treatment phase is a phase of learning and growing. Residents who do not have their high school diploma or GED will be enrolled in our GED program and attend regular classes. It is our goal that everyone leaves the program with a high school diploma.


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