8 Different Rehabs

I’ve been in 8 different rehab facilities over the years and some of them were private programs and some were state programs.  I went through the first three in my late teens.  They were all private facilities and were paid for by my parents.  They were pretty good programs and they were comfortable.

All the rest were state facilities and some were good experiences and some were bad.  Everything was a 12 step program.  I’m not a huge fan of those because there seems to be a lot of stuff that doesn’t mean much to you, but they’re ok.  Sometimes you can actually look forward to treatment programs and sometimes we even went “off campus” to outside meetings.  These were awesome because at that point you would do just about anything to have some interaction with other people.

I found that the programs are basically what you make of them.  If you are just going through it to make someone else happy or because the courts have ordered you to, it’s not going to help.  It’s been said a lot, but it’s true.  You have to genuinely want to get sober and stay clean if you expect them to work.

I was kicked out of most of the facilities I attended because didn’t get along with my counselors or the other staff (yes, I sometimes have problems with authority figures), but I don’t consider them a waste of time.

After the last one, I stayed sober for several years and even the ones that didn’t give me that, gave me a place to get clean (even for just a temporary time) and spend some time thinking about what comes next.

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