A.R.E.B.A. Casriel, Inc. [ACI]


Once someone realizes that they are in need of substance abuse treatment, the next step is the decision to physically withdraw from that substance safely.

  • ACI ‘s Medical Protocols are designed to detoxify an individual with virtually no experience of physical pain. ACI offers daily access to excellent medical care provided by psychiatrists, internists, nurse practitioners and registered nurses.
  • ACI‘s Staff is compassionate and committed. The detoxifying individual meets with their assigned addiction counselor daily.
  • ACI‘s Detoxification Program is designed to give the detoxifying individual tools to avoid relapse.
  • ACI‘s Safe Treatment Protocols will have the body drug free in three to ten day’s time depending on the individuals drug use and physical condition.
  • The ACI treatment team will create a customized discharge plan with the individual that is designed for a healthy lifestyle once the body is detoxified.


ACI continues the process of recovery in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

The person in early recovery will begin to experience life directly without the mask and filter of substances. An addiction counselor is available to discuss new found feelings and situations, both positive and negative, emerging with the gift of sobriety.

A person in early recovery needs a group of support people like themselves to share the reactions and responses to each other’s life events. A counselor will facilitate the group to keep everyone on track. This exceptionally important part of recovery occurs at least once a week, often times three times a week, and for those who need it, every day whether inpatient or outpatient.

Staying connected is key to finding those lost connections abandoned as a result of substance abuse, such as family relationships, gainful employment, leisure activities, and a healthy social community.


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