My Story

Looking for a rehab facility for a loved one is grueling.  I know this because I recently spent a great deal of time looking for a rehab for a family member.

I quickly became very frustrated because it seemed like all the information I found was “sales” info and it was difficult to figure out what was the truth.

Because of the frustration I experienced, I developed a website where a manageable amount of information about rehabs is condensed all in one place… and all of that information was actually helpful.

Selecting a rehab facility is based on many factors and is best decided by the family.  However, those family members must have quality, sales-free information in order to make the best decision.

My goal is to educate overwhelmed family members and make it easier for them to help make this important decision.

It’s a Personal Choice

I will not promote or recommend any specific facilities because the choice must be based on the wants and needs of the individual seeking treatment. However, I will provide you with a list of options to consider.

Questions to Ask

I also learned a valuable lesson through my search for a rehab facility.  The admissions department of these facilities are disguised salesmen.  They are very biased to their own facility and will do their best to guide you to choose it, whether it fits your situation or not.

By the end of my search, I developed a list of questions that could be asked that would actually give me the information needed to make a decision.

I’ll share those questions to ask each rehab with you. They will help you get past the sales-speak to the information you really need.

I will also provide guidance for you on how to handle the situation if you or your loved one is not being given the care as promised.

Full Disclosure

Most of the websites I used during my own search for a rehab facility were created to promote specific rehabs.

My goal is to provide quality information first, and then generate a little additional income second.

To help with the maintenance costs of the sites, I do collect a small fee for listing.  However, I will not refuse to list any quality facility that cannot afford the fee.

I will also remove any facility that is proven to not offer quality care.

Remember:  If the person isn’t ready for treatment, the best care in the world may not be successful.  The treatment may be successful the first time, but it may take several stints for it to have the intended effect.