Accelerated Recovery Centers

At Accelerated Recovery Centers, we set out to create the NEW standard for SUCCESSFUL treatment of alcohol addiction.  We built the first treatment center that was purposefully designed around the needs of the client; the first customer-driven treatment program.  We set out to create a treatment alternative that people like you could actually say yes to.  We did so with the following goals in mind:

  • To create levels of individual success never before seen in the treatment of alcohol addiction
  • To use our success to dramatically increase the number of people seeking treatment for alcohol dependence
  • To create a challenging, yet positive and enjoyable treatment environment which encourages people to enter into treatment earlier in the process of addiction
  • To create a focused treatment environment that scoffs at societal stigmas

Accelerated Recovery offers an alternative to 12 Step alcohol addiction treatment programs.  Our program is grounded in fact and scientific research.  It is supported by some of the largest studies ever conducted in the United States.  Our programs allow you to escape the social stigma of being labeled an “Alcoholic” and take back control of your life.


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