Alcohol and Muscle Injuries Are a Bad Combination

Several new studies that were recently completed in New Zealand shed light on the problems faced by people who drink alcohol after suffering a significant muscle injury.

This is important because many athletes tend to “self-medicate” after an injury and researchers wanted to know if this was a significant problem.  In fact, these athletes are actually hurting their recovery with this consumption and they don’t know it.

Several studies were done, but the most important was completed in December.  This study was very controlled and it required participants to purposely cause damage to their muscle.    This was accomplished by having them perform very specific, intense exercises.

After the injury, some of those participants were given alcohol.  They were given an amount equal to 7 drinks.  The other group was given the same amount of orange juice.

The testers then looked at the strength of the muscle for the next three days and saw dramatic differences.  The strength of the muscle for those who drank alcohol was significantly worse than those who drank orange juice.

The way alcohol impacts the recover of the muscle isn’t quite clear.  However, it is clear that alcohol delays the recovery.

Whether you are a professional athlete, a recreational athlete or just someone who hurt a muscle doing chores around the house, avoiding alcohol is a very important key that will determine how quickly you will recover.

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