Ambrosia Treatment Centers

Ambrosia’s Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment Programs & Clinical Services

The aspect of Ambrosia’s programs that sets us apart from many other facilities in the country is the extent to which we are able to customize the treatment programs of each client. Having three distinct drug and alcohol treatment facilities allows us to give a first level of customization to a client’s treatment program. Ambrosia does this by placing the individual client with a population where they are most likely to grow and have a successful recovery.

The second level of customization comes through the actual treatment planning process, in which clients are often placed in specialized tracks to meet their unique needs. For example, those with chronic pain may be put on a pain management track, which consists of therapies such as acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic work, while those in our trauma track can receive hypnotism or EMDR therapy that will enable them to break through barriers of guilt and shame that may have been holding their sobriety back in the past.

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