Amity Circle Tree Ranch

Built in 1929 east of Tucson, in the lush Tanque Verde Valley, Amity’s 50-acre Circle Tree Ranch served as both a guest ranch and a private boarding school before it became the home for Amity’s Circle Tree Ranch residential treatment center. Just minutes from the Saguaro National Monument, Circle Tree Ranch is nestled between the majestic Catalina and Rincon mountain ranges and provides a sanctuary that is physically and psychologically safe for both women and men, and an environment where parents seeking alcohol and drug treatment services can bring their young children. Our unique teaching and therapeutic community provides an alternative to other drug rehab programs. Based on holistic treatment rather than the traditional medical model approach to substance abuse disorders, Circle Tree Ranch rehabilitation programs facilitate an individual’s process of change from drug and alcohol addiction and alienation to success and wholeness.

Our campus and living accommodations are surrounded by the enchanting desert and mountains. In this healing environment, individuals address the underlying causes and consequences of their alcoholism, drug addiction, or other addictive behaviors. It is in a setting such as this, drawing on the beautiful, peaceful and inspirational surroundings, that one can face the reality of their life experiences with hope rather than the despair associated with depression, bipolar, or other co-occuring disorders which are contributing factors to substance abuse. The Ranch provides a peaceful sanctuary where living spaces blend unobtrusively with the natural southwestern environment. It is an ideal setting for addiction treatment, and offers many recreational, pre-vocational, educational, and cultural opportunities.

Our tranquil campus includes:

  • Semi-private residential accommodations
  • Gracious dining areas
  • Gathering Hall, meeting and group rooms
  • State of the art fitness center and walking trails
  • Volleyball and basketball courts
  • Swimming pool
  • Music rooms
  • Authentic Native American sweat lodge
  • Outdoor pavilion for weekly celebration and ceremonies

As each person is unique, so are their addiction treatment needs. With this in mind, Circle Tree Ranch offers long-term residential alchohol and addiction treatment courses ranging from 90 days to 14 months or longer.


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