Astoria Pointe/Rosebriar

Astoria Pointe is a residential drug and alcohol abuse treatment center for men suffering from chemical dependency, alcoholism and drug addiction. We are a complete program for recovery dealing with all forms of chemical addiction and dual-diagnosed individuals, taking our clients all the way from detoxification to aftercare. During this time of economic challenge we are steadfast in our dedication to offer affordable treatment while maintaining the highest standards in drug and alcohol-abuse rehabilitation.

Astoria Pointe is located in a unique setting on the northern most tip of the Oregon coastline. From its facility, Astoria Pointe has breathtaking views of the Columbia River as it meets the Pacific Ocean. The miles and miles of Oregon coastline and beaches are famous throughout the world for their great beauty. While at the center, a client can walk endlessly on sandy beaches with the ocean crashing on the shore. Our unique location is visited from people all over who wish to vacation and embrace this splendid area. We are very fortunate to have our treatment center in an area surrounded by so much natural beauty.

Also beneficial to a recovering client is Astoria itself, the oldest settlement on the Oregon coast rich in history. Gift and antique shops, fine restaurants and a variety of excellent art galleries are all here, against a picturesque backdrop of the Columbia River, a river trolley, and ocean-going ships plying the waters of the Pacific. Hiking trails and forts, such as the Lewis and Clark trail from Fort Clatsop to the ocean, abound. The setting in and around Astoria is peaceful and quiet, ideal for individuals endeavoring to free themselves from the harsh and discordant world of drugs and alcohol.



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