Awakenings by the Sea

Awakenings by the Sea’s vision is to provide alcoholic and/or drug addicted individuals and their families an opportunity to choose a healthier way of life. The untreated alcoholic/addict may suffer physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual maladies; the impact that the alcoholic/addict has on those around them can be equally devastating. Awakenings by the Sea’s alcohol and drug rehab in Oregon believes that alcoholism and drug addiction are primary illnesses, which are chronic and progressive and that, without proper treatment, are ultimately fatal.

Although there is no cure for the disease of addiction, recovery will occur by following a carefully structured recovery program that requires self-honesty, a willingness to change and the belief that a continuing support system, which includes other 12-Step recovering people, is essential.

The cornerstone of this recovery program is total abstinence from any mood-altering substances, followed by education and application of the concepts outlined in 12-Step programs of recovery. Using this foundation and other therapeutic methods, we believe that our treatment program can provide knowledge, a supportive environment and the basic tools necessary for our clients to begin their journey into recovery.


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