Are Bath Salts More Addictive Than Meth?

While some people still consider “bath salts” to be a joke because they sound like something that would help you take a nice long, relaxing soak in the tub, there is nothing funny about them.

These are highly addictive, highly dangerous drugs and they should be taken seriously.

In fact, recent studies have shown that bath salts may actually be more addictive than methamphetamine.

A study was recently done with rats to see how much work they are willing to go through in order to get more drugs.  The premise is that the higher the level of addiction, the more work the rat will be willing to expend in order to get more.

Rats were put in a controlled setting and taught that if they pressed a certain lever, they would receive more drugs.  When rats were addicted to meth, they pressed the lever 60 times before they gave up.

However, when rats were addicted to bath salts, they went to much greater lengths to get more.  The rats in this study pressed the lever more than 600 times to try and get more of the bath salts.  There were even rats who wanted the bath salts so badly that they pressed the level more than 3,000 times before they finally gave up.

The conclusion is that they were much more addicted to bath salts because they tried for a longer time to obtain more of the drug.

Although this experiment was done on rats and not humans, there is a great deal of evidence that rats react to these drugs in the same manner as people.

After taking bath salts, the rats in the study reacted with similar mannerisms as people who have taken the same drugs.  Repetitive behavior is a typical habit developed by people using bath salts and this includes things like picking their skin or grinding their teeth.  The repetitive behavior seen in the rats was repeated licking of the wall of the chamber they were housed in.

Bath salts are a serious problem and shouldn’t be overlooked just because of their name.

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