Big Horn Basin Counseling Services

Phone Number: Lovell – 307-548-6543, Basin – 307-568-2020


Facility Description:  Big Horn Basin Counseling Services recognizes the client as a unique individual with the capacity for freedom of choice, responsibility, and self-determination. Individuals and families are seen as having the potential for change and growth, and not bound by past history. Treatment is viewed as a positive process. Our staff is committed to providing an atmosphere that is welcoming, accessible, continuous, comprehensive, and may involve several resources. One of the most significant predictors of treatment success  is the ability of a program or intervention to provide an empathic, hopeful, continuous treatment relationship, which provides coordination or care through the course of multiple treatment episodes.


City, State, Zip:   Wyoming

Categories:  Addiction Counselors, Dual Diagnosis, Mental Illness, Substance Abuse

Type of Care Provided:  Outpatient

Primary Focus:

Population Served:  Adults

Cost:  $

Forms of Payment Accepted:


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