Burning Tree

 Burning Tree is a long-term residential program with two facilities treating addicts and alcoholics who have relapsed following primary treatment and/or 12-step programs. Our curriculum is an innovative treatment approach to transform the lives of individuals and help them take control of their future. Our treatment is based on spiritual principles that treat the whole person, as well as proven medical and mental-health interventions, and includes:
  • An individually designed long-term Relapse Prevention Program for the addict & alcoholic—Long-term treatment provides time to heal
  • A custom-designed recovery program that gives you the best tools available to prevent relapse—individualized treatment planning
  • A safe community in which to learn and practice life skills and 12-step principles (Big Book lectures, active step work; sponsors; nightly 12-step meetings)
  • An integrated approach to dual diagnosis
  • A powerful Family Program that prepares the entire family for ongoing recovery
  • Assistance in finding a personal spiritual path
  • The opportunity to improve your health through nutritional guidance, physical exercise and yoga
  • Individual and group therapy, including gender-specific groups
  • Individual care with a high staff-to-client ratio and 24/7 supervision
  • One of two facilities distinguished by size and community tailored to meet the needs for your individual recovery
  • Sessions with a psychiatrist
  • Neurofeedback Therapy
  • A motivational ropes course a minimum of every two months to encourage personal achievements and self-confidence.
  • A lifetime of support through Alumni, Aftercare, and Transition Programming


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