California Recovery

CA RecoveryPhone Number: (888) 941-9048


Facility Description: California Recovery is a drug and alcohol treatment program that has helped more than 5,000 women and men find the road to recovery. We offer a 90 day program for less than $10,000.

Located in Southern California, our program provides a place to begin for the alcoholic and addict who has grown tired of a destructive, demoralizing way of life.

Built on the concept of one alcoholic helping another, California Recovery provides a complete treatment solution including Detox, Residential Treatment, Transitional Living and long-term Sober Living. Many of our residents choose to stay for a year or longer.

The California Recovery program helps the alcoholic and drug addict through 12-step recovery. We offer an intense residential program, based on the 12-steps, with structured meetings, assignments and daily group and individual counseling.


City, State, Zip:   Costa Mesa, CA

Categories:  Detox, Long Term, Recovery Housing

Type of Care Provided:  Inpatient

Primary Focus: 12-Step

Population Served:  Adults

Cost:  $

Forms of Payment Accepted:  Self Pay


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