Calvary Addiction Recovery Center

Affordable, faith-based addiction treatment in a residential setting specializing in substance abuse and problem gambling.

Since 1964, Calvary Addiction Recovery Center has been a leader in Christian addiction treatment and recovery. That same approach has proven effective with other faiths and those seeking a traditional 12-step program.

The Calvary program addresses the practical, physical and spiritual aspects of addiction and problem gambling, setting the stage for long-term recovery and restored family life.

Addiction and problem gambling destroys families and lives — we see it every day. There truly is hope for alcoholics, drug abusers and problem gamblers and we can help you take the first step. Call us and ask about Calvary Addiction Recovery Center at (602) 279-1468 or (866) 76-SOBER (76237). It may be the call that will change your family forever.

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