fmrsPhone Number: 304-256-7100


Facility Description: FMRS Health Systems, Inc. provides a comprehensive array of substance abuse assessment and treatment services to meet the varying needs of those who are abusing or addicted to alcohol or other … Get More Info

ArbourPhone Number: 800-222-2237


Facility Description:  The substance abuse treatment programs at Arbour Health System provide a safe, therapeutic environment to facilitate positive growth and change in the lives of clients suffering with substance abuse and … Get More Info

Phone Number:  (515) 233-3141


Facility Description:  Youth and Shelter Services provides ongoing individual and group counseling and support to adolescent and their families. Services focus on areas ranging from abuse to dependency to recovery, and … Get More Info

communityPhone Number: 515-576-7261


Facility Description:  “Community and Family Resources is a pro-active organization dedicated to assisting individuals, families, and communities achieve healthy behavior and lifestyle through advocacy, prevention, and treatment of substance abuse and problem … Get More Info

walker-centerPhone Number:  208-934-8461


Facility Description:  Established in 1976, Walker Center is Idaho’s premier alcohol and drug addiction treatment provider. As a not-for-profit entity, we seek to offer high-quality, evidence-based treatment services at an affordable price. … Get More Info

yeshouselogoPhone Number: (307) 686-0669


Facility DescriptionResidential Mental Health/Substance Abuse Treatment Programs: serves youth ages 10-17 who need treatment for mental health and addictions. Youth are supervised on a 24-hour basis by degreed staff trained … Get More Info

Phone Number: (509) 927-1688


Facility Description:  Daybreak Youth Services is a regional non-profit organization providing treatment services to youth and families troubled by substance abuse, addiction, and co-occurring psychological or behavioral disorders.

Address:  960 E … Get More Info

RytherPhone Number: 206-525-5050


Facility Description: Ryther provides a broad array of programs designed to address the individual needs of adolescents using drugs and/or alcohol and their families, as well as those with co-occurring mental health issues. … Get More Info

Gray wolfPhone Number: 1-800-571-5505


Facility Description: Our mission is to provide a natural, safe and supportive setting for beginning a structured progression toward a sober lifestyle. We believe that we live and work on recovery as … Get More Info

WillingwayPhone Number: 1-800-242-9455


Facility Description: Willingway Hospital is focused on substance abuse patients and their families. Our caring medical professionals help people transform their lives from alcohol and drug dependence to the freedom of sobriety … Get More Info