RightstepPhone Number: 888-811-6052

Url: http://www.rightstep.com/

Facility Description: People abuse alcohol and drugs for a variety of reasons, but there is one common theme: Eventually, everyone with a substance abuse problem wants to stop the suffering – and … Get More Info



Phone Number: (509) 248-1800

Url: http://www.triumphtx.org/

Facility Description:

Triumph is multifaceted, providing a continuum of care for chemically dependent individuals and their families. We offer assessment, intensive outpatient services, stabilization group, relapse prevention, family programs, parent-child … Get More Info


Owl's Nest

Phone Number: 843-669-6088


Facility Description:  The Owl’s Nest Addiction Recovery Community of Florence, SC is a program consisting of a planned, precise sequence of events that occur, resulting in a long-term, happy and useful … Get More Info

naralogoPhone Number: 503-224-1044


Facility Description:  Our treatment approach is holistic and incorporates Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Enhancement Therapy within the context of American Indian and Alaska Native spirituality and culture. All treatment is developed … Get More Info

ridgeview2008bannerPhone Number: (770) 434-4567


Facility Description:  Ridgeview Institute, a private, not-for-profit hospital treating people with addiction or mental health problems, has earned a national reputation for care and service. Since 1976, more than 70,000 people … Get More Info

Mountainside Phone Number: 800-762-5433

Url http://www.mountainside.com/

Facility Description:  Mountainside’s addiction program is based on proven addiction and alcoholism treatment methods, strategies and principles that promote healing and enhance the quality of life. Through the utilization of Motivational … Get More Info

blue valleyPhone Number: 877-409-6600


Facility Description:  Substance abuse services are provided in an individual, family, and/or group setting. Clients, or others affected by substance abuse, seek or are referred for these services when their functioning is … Get More Info

BHS-Building270Phone Number: 888-370-7003


Facility Description: Most American’s know someone with a mental illness: depression, eating disorders, phobias or substance abuse. Warning signs include personality changes, excessive anxiety, difficulties sleeping and concentrating, prolonged sadness, or extreme … Get More Info

recovery waysPhone Number: 888-986-7848


Facility Description:  The Recovery Ways addiction treatment approach is about Reclaiming Your Life. The program is tailored to meet the needs of the individual providing each patient with the emotional, physical and … Get More Info


Phone Number: 701-293-5429


Facility Description: The mission of Drake Counseling Services is to provide safe and effective mental health and substance abuse treatment grounded on scientific knowledge, delivered by a multidisciplinary staff with proven expertise, … Get More Info