Total Health Recovery Program and it’s team provides the  following services and treatments. For each client, one of more of these will be included in their individualized program based on their initial diagnostic assessment. Click on each service or treatment for more information.

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At Accelerated Recovery Centers, we set out to create the NEW standard for SUCCESSFUL treatment of alcohol addiction.  We built the first treatment center that was purposefully designed around the needs of the client; the first customer-driven treatment program.  We … Get More Info

A natural approach to recovering from substance abuse…

When sobriety is the goal, simply abstaining from drugs and alcohol is ineffective for a long-term recovery from addiction. And while talk therapy is an important component to a better lifestyle, it … Get More Info

Caron’s mission is to provide an enlightened, caring treatment community in which all those affected by alcoholism or other drug addition may begin a new life.

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