Krokidil (pronounced Crocodile) is a morphine substitute that seems poised to spread throughout the U.S. Scarily, it is also known as the zombie drug from the gangrenous lesions it can cause.

The drug, in a clinical form, is desomorphine, which … Get More Info

These days, it seems as though “there’s an app for that” is the answer to just about everything.  But can an app help you stay sober?  The surprising answer may be Yes.

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There is sometimes a great interdependency between the abuse of alcohol or drugs and mental illness, especially depression.

This connection can make it difficult to diagnose the true problem because the symptoms get confused and some of the symptoms of … Get More Info

In the summer of 2013, the Food and Drug Administration approved a new treatment for addiction to opioids.  This new treatment is called Zubsolv and it is a combination of naloxone and buprenorphine.

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If you’ve had a drinking problem for a while, you’ve probably heard again and again about how much better life will be when you stop drinking.

That sounds great, but the real issue that people want to know is just … Get More Info

Many people who end up in treatment for alcoholism make the mistake by thinking that if they just “roll up their sleeves” and attack their treatment the same way they have handled other challenges in their lives, they will be … Get More Info

We have known for a long time that there is sometimes a very close relationship between drug and alcohol problem and mental illness, especially depression.  This relationship can make it difficult to determine which issue is the cause of the … Get More Info

There is a profound change happening in the world of alcohol consumption.  Women are consuming much more alcohol than in the past.

When you go to the recycling place, you always see women recycling wine bottles.  There are countless stories … Get More Info

Is there a line between being a problem drinker and actually being an alcoholic?  If so, does the difference really matter?

According to the most recent diagnostic manual used by psychiatrists (DSM), there is no difference.

The DSM recently made … Get More Info