aToNPhone Number: (888) 535-6973 Url Facility Description: AToN Center specializes in the treatment of substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. Our integrated services approach offers each client the opportunity to engage in a variety of addiction treatment … Get More Info

Saint JudePhone Number: 888-424-2626


Facility Description: The study of the St. Jude Retreat House™ over the past 2 decades have proven that a social/educational program for the recovery from alcohol and drug addiction is, by far, … Get More Info

TullyPhone Number: 1-800-456-6114


Facility Description: Tully Hill Chemical Dependency Treatment Center is dedicated to the belief that chemical dependency is a disease – chronic, progressive, and above all, treatable. Through the use of evidence-based treatment … Get More Info

A PREMIER RECOVERY PROVIDER – Overcoming the pain and despair of addiction is the most difficult challenge anyone can face. There are no shortcuts, no magic solutions. And frankly, there are no bargains. Not when the cost of relapse is … Get More Info

At La Paloma Treatment Center we offer and integrated treatment plan for persons with substance abuse and/or co-occurring mental health disorders. Through the use of the Foundations Model of recovery, our experienced staff will address all the complexities of an individual … Get More Info

Cumberland Heights is a nationally recognized alcohol and drug treatment center located west of Nashville on the Cumberland River, offering both in-patient and out-patient services for individuals as well as programs for family members.

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Clarity Way provides our clients with a unique holistic program that takes advantage of a variety of multi-sensory and multi-disciplinary treatment techniques. Clients benefit from personalized treatment plans designed to address their unique challenges and goals. Our caring, experienced team … Get More Info

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The Memorial Hermann Healthcare System is the largest not-for-profit hospital system in Texas and tenth largest in the US. The system includes 13 acute care hospitals, many outpatient and specialty clinics, and one alcohol and drug treatment center … Get More Info

The González Recovery Residences provide a variety of structured long term residential substance abuse treatment settings in Virginia and Florida. Since 1990, The GRR has established a number of long term treatment homes offering varying levels of structure and luxury: … Get More Info

Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches in Florida (FL) offers our clients state-of-the-art residential alcohol and drug treatment and rehabilitation with the highest success rates for alcohol and drug addiction recovery today. We are one of the few in-patient drug … Get More Info