A Soberway HomePhone Number: 877-917-6237

Url: http://www.asoberwayhome.org

Facility Description: We provide men and women safe, effective, intensive and expansive therapeutic drug rehab and alcoholism addiction treatment programs in a family-style residential setting that prepares them to remain clean and … Get More Info

ProminencePhone Number: 877-383-2284

Url: http://www.prominencetreatment.com

Facility Description: Prominence Treatment Center is a luxury rehab center located in Malibu, California. Prominence is known for its Non-12 Step rehab program focusing on the individual patient.… Get More Info



Phone Number: (509) 248-1800

Url: http://www.triumphtx.org/

Facility Description:

Triumph is multifaceted, providing a continuum of care for chemically dependent individuals and their families. We offer assessment, intensive outpatient services, stabilization group, relapse prevention, family programs, parent-child … Get More Info

Keystone CenterPhone Number: 800-558-9600

Url: http://www.keystonecenter.net/

Facility Description:  Welcome to the KeyStone Center an environment of compassion and caring utilizing state of the art treatment for addiction and co-occurring issues. The facility is located five miles south of … Get More Info

EvolutionPhone Number: (800) 745-1010


Facility Description:  We are well-known in the community for heart-based, respectful and successful evidence-based treatment approaches with mental health issues, addictive disorders, gambling problems, substance dependence, sexual addiction, … Get More Info

Williamsville-WellnessPhone Number877-559-9355


Facility Description:  To be a compassionate center for the treatment of problem gambling, integrating individual psychotherapy, family therapy, hypnotherapy, art therapy and wellness issues with a belief in the Twelve Step Program. … Get More Info

fmrsPhone Number: 304-256-7100


Facility Description: FMRS Health Systems, Inc. provides a comprehensive array of substance abuse assessment and treatment services to meet the varying needs of those who are abusing or addicted to alcohol or other … Get More Info

Phone Number: 715-848-4356

Url: http://www.norcen.org/addiction

Facility Description:  Addiction is complicated and unique to each individual. It can be caused by a combination of hereditary, mental health, environmental and social circumstances in a person’s life. It has far-reaching consequences … Get More Info

AddsPhone Number: xxx-xxx-xxxx


Facility Description:  The Iowa Department of Public Health licenses the Alcohol and Drug Dependency Services of Southeast Iowa (ADDS) to provide chemical dependency treatment services. Individuals and family members who experience the … Get More Info

communityPhone Number: 515-576-7261


Facility Description:  “Community and Family Resources is a pro-active organization dedicated to assisting individuals, families, and communities achieve healthy behavior and lifestyle through advocacy, prevention, and treatment of substance abuse and problem … Get More Info