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Facility Description: We provide men and women safe, effective, intensive and expansive therapeutic drug rehab and alcoholism addiction treatment programs in a family-style residential setting that prepares them to remain clean and … Get More Info

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Facility Description:  Mooring Programs and Casa Clare have been helping men, women, and their families recover from drug and alcohol problems for over 25 years.

As treatment needs have changed and evolved, so … Get More Info

The Gaiser Center is an intensive, highly individualized residential treatment facility for the chemically dependent. We believe that addiction is a biological, psychosocial disease which disrupts cognitive, psychological, physical and spiritual development; therefore, we strongly support recovery fellowships based on … Get More Info

The House of Prayer, Alcoholics’ Home Inc.,a non-denominational, non-profit,Christian recovery and spiritual transformation center for men bound by the strongholds of addiction.



The leader in alcoholism treatment and drug addiction treatment services

Hazelden invented modern addiction treatment, and our success in alcoholism and drug addiction treatment is based on years of research and studying what works in addiction recovery. We treat each … Get More Info

The word substance can refer to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, or anything that a person could abuse.  Substance abuse is similar to dependency, in that you can not overcome it on your own.  You will require assistance, but it is … Get More Info


Welcome to Pat Moore Foundation

CARF Accredited Detox and Treatment for Alcohol and Drug Addictions Located in Beautiful Orange County. Specializing in Suboxone and Subutex Approved Detox Programs for Heroin, Opiates,

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