aToNPhone Number: (888) 535-6973 Url Facility Description: AToN Center specializes in the treatment of substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. Our integrated services approach offers each client the opportunity to engage in a variety of addiction treatment … Get More Info

ProminencePhone Number: 877-383-2284


Facility Description: Prominence Treatment Center is a luxury rehab center located in Malibu, California. Prominence is known for its Non-12 Step rehab program focusing on the individual patient.… Get More Info

JourneyPhone Number: 866-277-7211


Facility Description:  Journey has brought healing and help to individuals from all over the world.  Our Drug rehab, alcohol rehab, dual diagnosis, and other addiction treatment programs employ only the most effective … Get More Info

CirqueLodge2013Phone Number: 877-997-3422


Facility Description:  There is a place for healing and recovery from the struggles of alcoholism or drug addiction. Cirque Lodge offers a private and exclusive drug rehab center; a caring place for … Get More Info

Clarity Way provides our clients with a unique holistic program that takes advantage of a variety of multi-sensory and multi-disciplinary treatment techniques. Clients benefit from personalized treatment plans designed to address their unique challenges and goals. Our caring, experienced team … Get More Info

A natural approach to recovering from substance abuse…

When sobriety is the goal, simply abstaining from drugs and alcohol is ineffective for a long-term recovery from addiction. And while talk therapy is an important component to a better lifestyle, it … Get More Info

Promises AustinPhone Number: 877-959-6066


Facility Description:  Promises Austin is one of the nation’s leading holistic addiction treatment programs. By treating the whole person on a peaceful nine-acre retreat in the Texas Hill Country, our clients are … Get More Info

Hawaii Island Recovery

The staff at Hawaii Island Recovery understand that the path to recovery is unique and must be custom-designed for each client. By working together with a set goal our clients see results that enable them to transform … Get More Info

The González Recovery Residences provide a variety of structured long term residential substance abuse treatment settings in Virginia and Florida. Since 1990, The GRR has established a number of long term treatment homes offering varying levels of structure and luxury: … Get More Info

  Valiant Recovery provides customized treatments for each client.
Custom Tailored Individual Programs Treatments are dependent on personality, addiction type, family and personal traumas, and spirituality. Our individualized treatments create a sustainable “Healing,” by treating the body, mind and spirit,
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