aToNPhone Number: (888) 535-6973 Url Facility Description: AToN Center specializes in the treatment of substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. Our integrated services approach offers each client the opportunity to engage in a variety of addiction treatment … Get More Info

ProminencePhone Number: 877-383-2284


Facility Description: Prominence Treatment Center is a luxury rehab center located in Malibu, California. Prominence is known for its Non-12 Step rehab program focusing on the individual patient.… Get More Info

Desert CanyonPhone Number: 888-811-8371


Facility Description: The Desert Canyon alcohol and drug treatment program works with the entire person to improve self-esteem and self-worth, heal core traumas, learn life-skills, gain control over addictive patterns, and improve the … Get More Info

Saint JudePhone Number: 888-424-2626


Facility Description: The study of the St. Jude Retreat House™ over the past 2 decades have proven that a social/educational program for the recovery from alcohol and drug addiction is, by far, … Get More Info

A low cost substance abuse facility centered on recovery for alcohol and/or prescription pain addiction. Click through our pages and you learn more about who we are, what we do and how we can help your situation. We have been … Get More Info

“Treatment” is a highly structured phase where most of an individual’s inclinations, strengths, and weaknesses are established. Residents are also encouraged to get-to-know each other and establish healthy friendships. As the treatment phase progresses, time is consumed by regular job … Get More Info

At Accelerated Recovery Centers, we set out to create the NEW standard for SUCCESSFUL treatment of alcohol addiction.  We built the first treatment center that was purposefully designed around the needs of the client; the first customer-driven treatment program.  We … Get More Info

A natural approach to recovering from substance abuse…

When sobriety is the goal, simply abstaining from drugs and alcohol is ineffective for a long-term recovery from addiction. And while talk therapy is an important component to a better lifestyle, it … Get More Info

Every aspect of our program is built upon a solid scientific foundation, and our approach to substance abuse treatment is clinically proven to be effective in overcoming alcoholism and/or addiction. You may pay more at other treatment centers, or remain … Get More Info