Harbor hallPhone Number: 231-347-5511

Url: http://www.harborhall.com/

Facility Description: When seas are rough and you’ve drifted off course

Harbor Hall is your port in the storm.

Recognized throughout the Midwest as an outstanding alcohol and drug treatment center, Harbor … Get More Info

A Soberway HomePhone Number: 877-917-6237

Url: http://www.asoberwayhome.org

Facility Description: We provide men and women safe, effective, intensive and expansive therapeutic drug rehab and alcoholism addiction treatment programs in a family-style residential setting that prepares them to remain clean and … Get More Info

prominenceimagePhone Number: 818-519-5940

Url: http://www.mynewlifeprogram.com

Facility Description: My New Life Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center’s mission is to create a continuum of care for those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.… Get More Info

ProminencePhone Number: 877-383-2284

Url: http://www.prominencetreatment.com

Facility Description: Prominence Treatment Center is a luxury rehab center located in Malibu, California. Prominence is known for its Non-12 Step rehab program focusing on the individual patient.… Get More Info

Covenant HillsPhone Number: 800-662-2873

Url: http://www.covenanthillstreatment.com

Facility Description:

Our philosophy at Covenant Hills is that indeviduals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction deserve not only a safe place to heal, but a place that they can feel at … Get More Info

RightstepPhone Number: 888-811-6052

Url: http://www.rightstep.com/

Facility Description: People abuse alcohol and drugs for a variety of reasons, but there is one common theme: Eventually, everyone with a substance abuse problem wants to stop the suffering – and … Get More Info

banner_1Phone Number: (504) 522-4475 ext 1039

Url: http://www.bridgehouse.org

Facility Description: The mission of Bridge House / Grace House is to provide gender specific treatment to men and women who have become dependent on alcohol or drugs so … Get More Info

KinnicPhone Number: 1-800-525-4712

Url: http://www.kinnicfalls.org/

Facility Description: Kinnic Falls Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services, Inc. has been a private, non-profit corporation since 1972 and is licensed in Wisconsin and Minnesota. The facility is regulated by the Health … Get More Info


Owl's Nest

Phone Number: 843-669-6088


Facility Description:  The Owl’s Nest Addiction Recovery Community of Florence, SC is a program consisting of a planned, precise sequence of events that occur, resulting in a long-term, happy and useful … Get More Info



Phone Number: 610-239-9600

Url: http://www.gaudenzia.org/

Facility Description:  Gaudenzia operates residential and outpatient treatment programs based in the Therapeutic Community model.

Clients and staff equally serve as agents of change with “community” being the guiding treatment approach. Individuals … Get More Info