Center for Chemical Addictions Treatment, CCAT


An option for those waiting to get into short-term residential drug & alcohol treatment.

CCAT Detoxification – 24 Hour Nursing Care

CCAT has the only community-based medically monitored drug & alcohol detox center in the Greater Cincinnati area. Supporting you through withdrawal, our professional 24-hour nursing staff and physicians are sensitive to your needs as you begin your journey.

Short-Term Residential Treatment – Focus on Recovery

CCAT’s Short-Term Residential Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program provides individual attention and education to help you focus on recovery. Our 28-day program offer educational sessions on various aspects of addiction and recovery, individual counseling, group therapy, art and recreation and Twelve Step meetings.


Our AfterCare Program provides peer support in the continuing road to recovery. CCAT’s AfterCare group is led by our professional staff and meets weekly on-site.

(513) 381-6672

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