Why Choosing a Rehab Is So Difficult

There is no question about it, researching through hundreds of websites to find the right rehab facility is really difficult.  It takes a lot of time, it’s confusing and it makes your head spin.

You can spend hours researching and not feel like you accomplished anything at all.

The first step toward making the process of choosing a rehab easier is understanding why it is so difficult.

Choosing a Rehab is Important

The first reason that choosing a rehab facility is so difficult is pretty simple:  It’s a really, really important decision.

You aren’t making a decision about something that is going to impact your job situation, your finances or your lifestyle.  You are making a decision that will affect the rest of someone’s life.

Choosing a rehab facility can literally save a life and get someone on the track of sobriety.  The wrong rehab facility will put them right back on the downward spiral and it can have disastrous results.

That is a great deal of pressure to choose the right rehab, which makes it much more difficult to make.

Admissions Personnel Are Selling Their Rehab Facility

Choosing a rehab facility can also be difficult because when you start talking to the different facilities, you are speaking with someone who wants you to choose them.

They are usually more concerned with getting more clients into their facility instead of helping you to make the best decision for the addict.

Lack of Quality Information About Rehabs

With the wealth of information available on the internet, it seems odd to say that there isn’t enough information available about choosing a rehab facility, but it’s true.

Almost every site you look at is a sales page that has been constructed to not look like a sales page.

The information is either too general to be helpful or it is too biased to be trusted.

When you are trying to choose a rehab facility, the lack of quality and unbiased information about how to choose the right rehab is a huge problem.

There is No “Best” Rehab Option

Another problem with choosing a rehab facility is the fact that there is no standard rating system that can identify the “best” option.

Rehab is a very personal experience and each person needs something different in order to successfully complete the program and live a life of sobriety.  A facility that is wildly successful for one person may be a very bad choice for the next.

Every piece of information you find about different rehab facilities and substance abuse treatment should be viewed from the perspective of how that applies to your specific situation.

Who is Making the Decision

Another factor that makes the decision of choosing the best rehab facility so difficult s the fact that you are usually making the decision for someone else.

This is a tremendous responsibility.

Making the decision on how to treat your own substance abuse problem for yourself is hard enough, but if you have been charged with deciding for someone else, you don’t really know what they are thinking.

As an example, you wouldn’t necessarily consider comfort issues for yourself.  However, when you’re making a decision for someone else, it’s easy to give this more weight than it should probably have.

The mistake comes from trying to balance what is in the best interest of the addict with what will not make them mad at you.

This is especially true when you are picking a rehab for the first time.  If you find yourself choosing a rehab for the 3rd or 4th time, it is easier to focus on finding a treatment facility that will provide results vs comfort.


Now you should have a better understanding of why you have been having so much difficulty in choosing a rehab facility.

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