Chrysalis House

Chrysalis House uses a multi-disciplinary team approach led by a professional therapist specializing in the integrated treatment of substance abuse and mental health disorders. Other members of the treatment team include a case manager, psychiatric nurse practitioner, domestic violence counselor, SHOW coordinator who oversees housing and budgeting, and a job readiness coordinator who oversees education and employment.

On admission, each woman receives a thorough assessment of her particular needs. Working together, the woman and her treatment team develop a comprehensive treatment plan incorporating goals and objectives for treatment. Many of the goals for treatment rely on partner agencies such as those who address physical health difficulties.

During approximately six months in residential treatment, the woman and her treatment team work toward completing treatment goals and objectives through individual therapy, group therapy, psycho-educational courses, peer mentoring, twelve-step involvement, and community volunteerism.  After completion of the majority of the items on the treatment plan and with adequate resources to support herself and her children, the woman is transitioned to independent living. Services continue for approximately an additional year through individual and group therapy and case management as needed.


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