It is important that parents choose a rehab program that is designed specifically for the needs of teens because they are at a critical developmental stage mentally, physically and emotionally.

The root causes for teenage abuse are often completely different from those of adults.  This includes:

  • Peer pressure
  • As a means to escape problems at home
  • Low self esteem

Teens recover best with their peers.  Group therapy gives them a chance to learn and take comfort from the knowledge that others are experiencing the same difficulties and pain.

Individual therapy empowers them to them retake control over their lives and actions, and to make better choices.

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Most Effective Rehabilitation Program

Dual Diagnosis: If your teen has been diagnosed with depression, ADHD, an eating disorder, anger issues, anxiety or another social, behavioral or psychological disorder, you should look for a rehab equipped to handle dual diagnosis.

Addiction worsens the characteristics of mental illness and mental illnesses increases cravings for drugs of addiction, it is essential to treat both issues simultaneously.

Education: Look for a rehab that offers low student to teacher ratios where your teen can get individual attention and a curriculum customized to their needs.

Family Program: Although it doesn’t always feel like it, parents continue to play the singular most important role of influence in their teens lives.  That influence must continue through rehab for the treatment to be successful.

Issues do not heal overnight or magically disappear with addiction treatment. Family therapy provides a therapeutic forum to work through their issues and learn how to effectively communicate.


Find a rehab that specializes in treatment for adolescents.