Contact Each Rehab Facility for Additional Information

At this point, you should have a list of rehabs that is much smaller that the one you started with.

Now it is time to contact each rehab and gather all of the information you will need in order to make a final decision.  You may have already gathered some of this information from previous steps, depending upon how you chose to organize your research.

Some of this may be available on the website for each substance abuse treatment center.  However, at this point in the process, you should contact the facility directly to get additional information.

  • Policies, procedures, fees, etc change from time to time and most places don’t do a great job of keeping their website updated
  • Contacting the facility also gives you the opportunity to interact with the staff of the facility so see how knowledgeable they are
  • You have the opportunity to ask more detailed questions

Note:  When you contact each rehab, the person you are speaking with may eventually go into their “sales mode”.   It is important that you focus on getting your questions actually answered instead of just listening to their sales pitch.

If you have already gathered some of this info, use the same method to document the additional information we’re talking about now.

You should record the information for each item when you contact each rehab, not just the items on your “must” list.  Some of the items that don’t seem to be a priority can serve as a tiebreaker when you make your final decision.

Questions to Ask Each Rehab – Questions Only

Contact Each Rehab and Ask These Questions

  • Success rate
  • Typical days schedule
  • What other services are offered
  • Are intervention services offered
  • Is medically supervised detox offered
  • Refund policy if it turns out to be a bad fit
  • How many clients can be accommodated at once
  • Is 12-step participation mandatory
  • What place does religion have in the treatment
  • Is medication part of the program
  • Educational/licensure breakdown of staff
  • Rules about family contact
  • Do you have a professional program

What is the success rate?

This is an important question to ask, but it requires several follow up questions.

There is no industry standard way to “measure” the success of a rehab facility, which means each facility chooses their own measurements and standards.

Ask each facility about their success rate, and then ask them how that number is determined.  Make sure you have a full understanding of their calculations so you can make a fair comparison between the other facilities on your list.

This is an example of why it is so important to contact each rehab facility.  The websites of the substance abuse centers will not have the detail and explanation that you need.

What is the typical schedule?

This is how you will identify the structure of the therapy.  In most cases, you should be looking for a strong mix between group therapy and individual therapy.

What other services are available at the facility?

Some rehab facilities offer additional instruction on exercise, nutrition, etc.  Others may offer legal services, which can be especially helpful to people who are faced with legal charges as a result of their addiction.

These programs can be a great supplement to the regular treatment.  Some people who will be attending rehab may also need these services because of their personal circumstances.

Is intervention assistance available?

The best case scenario is when the person suffering from addiction is aware that they have a problem, and they make the conscious decision to get help.

However, in other cases, the addict may need help to fully understand the depth of their problem.  Getting the proper help to prepare for this important process can be the difference between success and failure.

What is the refund policy?

In a perfect world, everyone who enters a substance abuse program learns how to be sober and healthy for the remainder of their lives.  However, in some cases it doesn’t work, or it takes trips to several rehabs before the addict is ready to accept the treatment.

When you contact each rehab, you must have a clear understanding of the refund policy when you are looking at rehab facilities.  The addict may choose to leave early, or they may even be asked to leave.

In either case, you should know if there will be any refund available if the program isn’t completed.

Don’t trust information on the website or take notes from a verbal conversation.  This is something you absolutely must get in writing.

Most rehab facilities require a substantial deposit to be paid up front.  This is usually non-refundable, but it will depend upon the specific rehab facility.

What types of clients do you treat?

Some substance abuse facilities focus their treatment on a particular type of client.  Others offer more general treatment that puts everyone in the same group for the group therapy sessions.  Others may treat multiple types of clients, but keep them separated for group therapy.

The most common groupings are age based (by separating teens), or segregated by sex so men and women are separate.  However, many facilities also offer group therapy based on profession, etc.

Is 12-step treatment mandatory?

Most rehab facilities focus heavily on the 12-step method that was originally used for AA programs.  However, some people don’t respond to this type of treatment.

When you contact each rehab facility, find out if this type of participation is mandatory, and ask about alternative treatments that may be available.

Does religion have a place in the treatment?

There are two aspects of religion you should ask about when talking with each substance abuse facility.

  • Many 12-step programs are grounded in the belief of some kind of a higher power.  You should find out how much of an emphasis this is in their program and make sure you are comfortable with the answer.
  • If religion is important to you, another aspect to inquire about is the policy on attending religious services.  This may or may not be allowed, depending on the program.  If it is allowed, you should ask about transportation.

Is medication part of the detox program?

Many people have very strong feelings about this topic.  It is a question that must be asked, and you have to be ok with the answer to consider using the facility.

Drugs that are commonly used in detox reduce the symptoms experienced by the addict during the withdrawal phase.

In other cases, the administration of drugs is used as a treatment for the addition.  For example, Antabuse is sometimes given to alcoholics because it will make them vomit if they drink alcohol.

The strong feelings about the topic come in to play because some consider this simply trading one drug for another.

Is contact with the family allowed?

When you contact each rehab, you should also inquire about family contact rules for each substance abuse treatment center.

Rules about family contact will vary a great deal from one facility to the other.

Typically, there will be no contact allowed at all within the first 7 days of treatment.  This restriction is usually reduced as the treatment progresses.  It is important for both the addict and the family members to be aware of any potential restrictions.

At this point, you should have a list of potential rehab facilities and you should have all the necessary information gathered.

The next step is to review and compare the information and decide on the best rehab facility.

We will help you do that in the next article.


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