Cornerstone of Recovery

Chemical dependency is a chronic disease that can be clearly diagnosed and should not be considered a symptom of other disorders. Chemical dependency has specific characteristics; it is progressive and often fatal.

Although there is no known “cure,” a person can establish a long-term, even life-long remission of the disease of chemical dependency. Treatment can establish this recovery by attending to the physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual needs of the chemically dependent person. In other words, we believe that treatment of the whole person is critical to successfully addressing the needs of those addicted to alcohol and other drugs of abuse. In order to accomplish this goal, Cornerstone utilizes a multidisciplinary treatment team consisting of professionals and paraprofessionals from fields such as addiction medicine, psychology, family therapy, social work, psychiatry, acupuncture, spirituality, activity therapy, and fitness.

Treatment places a patient on a course of continual change and helps develop healthy interdependent relationships with family, friends, co-workers and other recovering people. The foundation of treatment should be built on the most successful and available recovery model currently known – the principles of the 12 Steps of AA/NA.  This program guides individuals through a process of self-examination and spiritual change which ultimately leads to long-term recovery. Much of our treatment program is designed to assist our patients in this process of self-discovery in a safe, supportive environment. The staff must provide an environment that promotes trust, emotional risk taking, and acceptance of the need for honesty and continual change after treatment. Our programs rely heavily on the concept of therapeutic community where hurting people gain strength and support from one another and can confront one another in a spirit of love and acceptance.


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