Crossroads Program Services

Recovery Management Services, Inc. ( RMSI ) is a California non-profit corporation, offering chemical dependency treatment programs under the name Crossroads Program Services.    These structured, professional, social model programs support a wide variety of levels of care, and are designed to be flexible, providing economically viable treatment alternatives for those in need.  Our carefully designed programs exhibit excellent cost containment while delivering individualized drug and alcohol treatment services to our clients.Treatment services are provided at the Crossroads Treatment Centers and the Crossroads Recovery Centers.  The facilities are State-licensed, and each of our treatment programs are certified by the California State Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs.The Treatment Center provides 24 hour residential care for women and men, who reside in separate locations adjacent to our offices.  This center also offers an outpatient day and evening treatment program for women and men.

Our Crossroads Recovery Center program services included residential and non-residential intensive evening programs for men and women who need chemical dependency treatment while continuing their normal employment.

We also provide State-licensed residential Continuing Care as well as supervised clean and sober living homes.

Clients in the program are frequently reviewed and their progress assessed. As progress in recovery is demonstrated, our policy is to move clients along to less restrictive (and typically less expensive) levels of care.  The individual’s program is adjusted to work in concert with their individual recovery and circumstances.

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