Desert Canyon

Desert CanyonPhone Number: 888-811-8371


Facility Description: The Desert Canyon alcohol and drug treatment program works with the entire person to improve self-esteem and self-worth, heal core traumas, learn life-skills, gain control over addictive patterns, and improve the health of the body. Its small, home-like facility provides an abundance of individualized care with a focus on helping each person to rebalance their lives and gain the skills they need to live a successful, satisfying life, free from addiction.

Address:  105 Navajo Drive

City, State, Zip:   Sedona, AZ 86336

Categories:  Aftercare, Non 12-Step Programs, Substance Abuse

Type of Care Provided:  Inpatient

Primary Focus:  Whole Person Model

Population Served:  Adults

Cost:  $19,000 for 28 days, additional weeks are $4250

Forms of Payment Accepted:  Insurance, Self Pay


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