Drug Addiction Among Our Military

If you’ve been watching the news much, you may have seen excerpts regarding drug addiction among our military men and women.  According to WorldNews on msnbc.com, the number of drug offenses investigated by the Army Criminal Investigation Command has increased from 9,000+ cases in 2010 to about 11,200 in 2011.

What are the reasons for the men and women, whom we’re trusting with our lives, to choose using illegal drugs?

Is it because for some of them they’re stationed in places such as Afghanistan where poppy fields provide the majority of the world’s opium?

Is it because the reality that they face day in and day out is so harsh that they feel they need an escape in order to keep sane?

Regardless of the reason for substance abuse, what is the answer?  Do we need to provide more unannounced urine tests?  Do our service men and women need more psychological counseling while on the field?  Do we need to make a better example out of those who have been caught?

Drug addiction is on the rise nationwide.  It doesn’t seem to matter if you’re in the military, an educator, construction worker, or just barely making ends meet.  Drugs, such as heroin and crack will tangle with anyone who chooses to use it just once.

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