Drug Addiction Myths That Too Many People Still Believe

Addiction is hard enough to overcome on your own.  But it gets even more difficult when you come into the battle with preconceived ideas that will hinder your progress, especially if those ideas are negative, and not true.  Your family may also believe some of these myths, which makes getting the support you need more difficult.

Understanding addictions and addicts would be much easier if we could get everyone to finally understand that the following five statements are NOT true.

Beating Addiction Is Just About Willpower

Clearly willpower does help, but willpower alone may not be enough for you to beat the addiction.  Studies have shown that prolonged use of drug can actually change your brain.  It can give you cravings and compulsions that are so powerful they can’t be beaten by willpower alone.

Since Addiction is a Disease, You Can’t Stop It

Yes, most experts do believe that addiction is a disease, but that does not mean that you are a victim and have no hope.  Treatments like therapy, exercise, medication, etc can treat or even reverse the brain changes that occurred due to the drug use.

You Will Never Get Better Until You Hit Rock Bottom

Many people tell their story of addiction and talk about how “rock bottom” is what caused them to wake up and finally get help.  However, the truth is that many people can be helped long before they hit rock bottom.  In fact, the earlier treatment is received, the easier it is to treat.

Another problem with this myth is that the definition of rock bottom is different for everyone.  Some people consider rock bottom to be the loss of their friends, family, home and job.  However, others may consider the loss of their job or a specific loved one to be the rock bottom that prompts them to get help.

You Can’t Force Someone Into Rehab

This is a myth that really needs to go away.  The truth is that just because they are resistant in the beginning, doesn’t mean they will stay that way.  In many cases, the person in treatment gets more clear headed as they get more sober, and they come to understand during the treatment that it’s a good thing they’re there.

It Didn’t Work Last Time So It Won’t Work This Time

This is definitely not true.  Some people seek treatment and have the ability to change their life right away from it.  However, for other people, it can take several trips to rehab before it “works” for them.  The past is in the past.  Regardless of what happened before, the next trip could be the one that changes your life.

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