Lies Your Drug Friends Will Tell You

You should have been warned in treatment about the dangers of going back to hand out with your old friends from your drug life.  If you need further reminders of why this is a bad idea, here are a list of things those friends will tell you, and every one of them is a lie.

Come Hang With Us, It’s Ok

Your former drug buddies are going to tell you that it’s completely ok for you to come back and hang out with them.  But you have to remember that THEY didn’t just go through rehab and THEY are not sober.

If you start hanging out with them again, you will be tempted at such a high level that it will be nearly impossible to avoid getting involved in drugs again.

Drugs Don’t Do Any Real Damage

Of course your old friends are going to tell you this, because they are still delusional about the dangers of drugs.  Since you are just out of rehab, you are more aware of the dangers of drugs and how they can (and already have) destroy your life.  Don’t let them pull you back in.

Remember How Great it Was When You Were Using?

This is a case of wearing rose-colored glasses.  Your old drug-friends will lie to you about how great your life was back when you were a user.  Of course, they will leave out the misery, pain, jail time, money problems, family relationships that have been destroyed, and all the other problems that came along with your drug use.  They’re just seeing those things through rose colored glasses because they want to continue to justify why they’re using drugs.

I Never Stole Anything From You

Of course, they will say that, you probably said it back when you were using too.  But if you lived with or hung out with an addict, chances are really high that it’s not true.

Whether they stole money, drugs or other valuables they found around the house, they probably stole something.

You Can Just Do It Once and Then Quit Again

At this point, your old drug-friends will say just about anything they can think of to try and get you back into their world.   Since they can’t see their own situation clearly, how on earth do you think they will see yours?

All addicts tell themselves that they can quit whenever they want.  You said it a few times, didn’t you?  But then you got smart and realized you had a problem that you got help for.

If you paid attention during your treatment, you should understand that once is all it takes to relapse and put you back on the path to addiction.


If you just got out of treatment, it is very tempting to seek out your old friends.  However, you have to be very careful about this.  If they are still active drug users, it isn’t likely to work.

You will be surrounded by temptations that are too great and you will be surrounded by people who are still unaware of the dangers of drug use and how it is destroying their lives.  They will use everything at their disposal to try and get you back, because it somehow justifies their own drug use and makes them feel better about their own ruined lives.

If they want to commit to quitting, you can be a tremendous resource for them.  But if they are still using, they will do nothing for you except continually try to pull you back into the life of a drug user.


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