Gather Information For Each Rehab Facility

Earlier in the article series, we talked about the Factors to Consider When Picking a Rehab.  We also talked about how to Decide What You Want in a Rehab Facility by making a list of your “must have” features.

Now it’s time to put all of those pieces together.

Gather Information

At this point, you should review each of the rehab facilities on your list in greater detail.  The purpose of this process is to reduce the size of your list.

The most important things to focus on are the items on your “must” list.  This is not negotiable.  If they don’t have everything you decided they had to have, remove them from your list.

As you review each substance abuse treatment center, you should also start keeping track of additional information available from their website so you don’t have to do this again later.   You should keep track of the information from our Factors to Consider article for each facility you review.

When you finish following our guide, you will have a short list of substance abuse treatment centers that meet all our requirements and have a good reputation.  The additional information you gather related to your “like to have’s”  will help you make a final decision when you’re ready.

You can start a spreadsheet, a Word document, or even write it down on a pad of paper.  Just do it in a way that will allow you to keep track of all the information and keep it organized.

Remember:  If the rehab treatment center doesn’t meet all of your “must” requirements, cross them off your list.  There is no need to spend additional time researching the details if they don’t offer everything you need.

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