Ebony House

Since it’s inception in 1973, Ebony House has provide effective quality behavioral health programming..  It is the only residential substance abuse treatment facility in Arizona that consistently targets African Americans.  The organization was founded by three recovering alcoholics, Elbertzena Fontenot, C.T. “Black Wally” Wallace, and James Johnson, who saw the need in Phoenix for a treatment facility to address alcoholism in the Black community.  Since inception, Ebony House evolved to treat individuals of all ethnic groups with substance abuse and behavioral health issues.

Ebony House, Inc. is a non-profit agency that provides;

  • Level II male residential substance abuse treatment
  • Level II female residential substance abuse treatment
  • Outpatient (standard & intensive)
  • Youth & Young Adult Outpatient Services
  • HIV prevention, early intervention, and education


(602) 276-4288

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