Fairmount Behavioral Health System

Fairmount has a total of 67 residential chemical dependency beds for patients aged 18 and above. Fairmount’s Chemical Dependency Program offers two levels of care:

A 21-bed detoxification unit which provides a safe environment for the medical monitoring of withdrawal symptoms from alcohol, benzodiazepine or opiate addiction and the associated withdrawal symptoms.

Two gender specific rehabilitation programs (a 26-bed men’s unit and a 19-bed women’s unit) for individuals who need a supportive and structured setting in order to begin the process of recovery.

In general, Fairmount subscribes to the following regimen for the treatment of addiction:

a. Abstinence and detoxification for the treatment of withdrawal symptoms

b. Psycho-education services to reduce the stigma and myths associated with addiction

c. Cognitive behavioral therapy for the treatment of thought and emotion disorders

d. Motivational Interviewing for the treatment of denial and rationalization

e. Psychiatric services as needed for co-occurring disorders.



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