Faith Home

Faith Home provides services to men and women who are addicted to alcohol and drugs and seek recovery and help from that addiction as well as Christian principles.  The eight-week Christian Rehabilitative program is based on the fundamental belief that solutions to drug and alcohol abuse can be found through faith in God along with the 12-step programs of Alcohol Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Al-Anon.  Faith Home continues to be a leader among its addiction recovery program peers in its success rate of program graduates who maintain abstinence and sobriety.  The men and women at Faith Home come from all different socio-economic backgrounds, races, age groups, and religions from all over the United States.  Each resident comes in voluntarily searching for a better way of life, free from the bondage of drugs and alcohol.  The non-denominational program encourages each man to develop his own personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

The work regime and Christian study, combined with the peaceful setting, allow residents time to reevaluate their lives and begin to understand why they have faltered along the way.  The home is dedicated to the purpose of leading the addicted to victory through Jesus Christ and to show the resident that there is still hope and love if you have faith in Christ.  The residents are involved in a daily work program called “Physical Therapy” which includes garden and yard work, kitchen work, house cleaning, keeping their room clean, general maintenance and upkeep of the facility and grounds.


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