Find Your Rehab Options

In the first part of our series, we talked about:

Now it’s time to start looking at the specific rehab facilities that are available.

Two Options

While doing this, some people will prefer to make a list of every possible substance abuse treatment center they see, and then go back and review each rehab facility in more detail to ensure all of their “must” features are available.

However, other people will prefer to research each treatment facility in detail as they find them to see if they have all the elements they are looking for.

There is no right or wrong answer, it is largely a personal preference.

Here are some of the places you can use to search out potential rehab facilities.

The purpose of our website is to not only help people learn how to successfully choose the right rehab facility, but also to help them with their search.

Please search our rehab listings to find rehab clinics you can pick from.

You can be assured that any facility in our listings is a quality rehab facility with a solid reputation.  If they don’t meet these standards, they won’t be listed.

Friends and Family

If you know anyone who has taken part in a substance abuse rehab program, you should start by talking with them.   It can be difficult to get the feel of the substance abuse treatment facility over the phone or by looking at their website.  This is why a personal recommendation from someone you trust can be so beneficial.

Questions to Ask Them

  • Did the rehab facility help you get sober?
  • Was the staff professional?
  • What was the most effective part of the substance abuse treatment?
  • Would you recommend the facility?
  • Did the treatment help you get sober?
  • What parts of the treatment/facility did not work for you?  Why?

Internet Search

Another option for finding potential rehab facilities is to do an online search.

In addition to terms like “rehab”, “rehabilitation”, “addiction treatment”, “rehab center”, “substance abuse treatment”, etc, you should include the following terms for any item that is important to you.

This may include:

  • Location  (city, state, etc)
  • Type of treatment
  • Type of client
  • Treatment focus
  • Type of addiction

For example, if the location is important for you, search for “rehab facility in (city)”, etc.

Make a List

Go through those search options until you have a long list of possible substance abuse treatment centers in the area you are looking for.

Rehab facilities recommended by friends and family should automatically go on your list.  You should also add the facilities that you found on  In both of those instances, you should already have a level of comfort with the quality of the facility.

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