FMRS Health Systems, Inc.

fmrsPhone Number: 304-256-7100


Facility Description: FMRS Health Systems, Inc. provides a comprehensive array of substance abuse assessment and treatment services to meet the varying needs of those who are abusing or addicted to alcohol or other drugs of abuse.  Once a thorough assessment is completed, a referral is made to the level of care that best fits the unique needs of those, who have problems with substance abuse or a combination of substance abuse and co-occurring mood disorder.  Evidence-based treatment services are provided to assist men with achieving and maintaining a substance-free lifestyle.  These services are provided by highly qualified mental health professionals including psychiatrists, physician assistants, nurses, licensed psychologists, counselors, social workers and service coordinators.

Address:  209 W Maple Ave

City, State, Zip:   Fayetteville, WV 25840

Categories: Dual Diagnosis, Gambling, Mental Illness, Substance Abuse

Type of Care Provided:  In/Outpatients

Primary Focus:

Population Served:  Adolescents, Adults

Cost:  $

Forms of Payment Accepted:


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