Four Circles Recovery Center

At Four Circles Recovery Center, our philosophy is based upon the research-backed belief that the ideal substance abuse treatment milieu for young adults is composed of the following three features:

  1. A nurturing residential community
  2. Intensive substance abuse services
  3. Experiential wilderness therapy

For clients who are struggling with of addiction, substance abuse, depression, and related emotional or behavioral issues, we believe that a treatment program that is grounded in these three core components provides the life-changing (and life-affirming) experience that will prepare clients to achieve long-term sobriety and pursue healthy, successful futures.

To provide the effective comprehensive care that our clients both desire and deserve, we incorporate the following standards and principles into the personalized treatment plans that we create for each person who chooses to heal with us:

  • Clinical Excellence – Our staff continues to invest the time and training that is necessary for Four Circles to be the most clinically sophisticated wilderness-based substance abuse treatment program in the country.
  • Research Support – In addition to meeting the individual needs of each client, we remain committed to proving the value and efficacy of our program through independent research.
  • 12-Step Philosophy – The 12-Step model is an essential component of the Four Circles treatment philosophy. Our clients attend daily meetings, complete assignments based on the 12 Steps and learn to apply the 12-Step principles to their daily lives.
  • The Transformative Power of NatureRemoved from the pressures and stresses of daily life, and placed within a challenging yet inspiring wilderness environment, clients are given the time and space to look within themselves and discover the fundamental truths that will guide them out of the darkness of addition.
  • Family Involvement – At Four Circles, we know that substance abuse impacts the entire family – and we believe it is essential for clients’ loved ones to play an active role in the recovery process.

Finally, as a proud member of CRC Health Group, we also embrace CRC’s six core values:

  • Clinical Excellence – We tirelessly pursue the best possible clinical outcomes for our customers.
  • Integrity – We accept only the highest standards with respect to honesty, ethics and morality.
  • Open Communication – We promote an environment in which the sharing of knowledge, ideas and opinions is expected of everyone.
  • Teamwork– We value the power of teamwork in every facet of our company.
  • Mutual Respect – We foster a culture in which individual skills, experience and talent are valued and used to our customers’ advantage.
  • Passion – We naturally demonstrate a passion in all that we do for our clients and employees



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