Freedom Ranch

A low cost substance abuse facility centered on recovery for alcohol and/or prescription pain addiction. Click through our pages and you learn more about who we are, what we do and how we can help your situation. We have been at this a long time and our success is remarkable!

Our program method is different than anything else on the web. It is natural and is common sense. We hope you like our approach to healing as much as our hundreds of past clients. Read through our pages and see if we may be a fit for your current situation.

We are a farm based rehabilitation/ fitness program on 120 acres and with only 10 private rooms. We started this business as a Fitness Weight Loss and Detox Center and found that a large percentage of our guests were people who had bigger goals and objectives than just a good fast or cleanse. Every private guest room at THE RANCH has a private bathroom, personal work space, flat screen, satellite enabled TV, and wireless internet.


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