Gosnold on Cape Cod

Surrounded by the restorative and healing qualities of the Cape Cod sand, sun and ocean, Gosnold has served individuals and families affected by addiction and mental illness since 1972. Individualized treatment, combined with twelve step principles, group therapy, family involvement and continuing care are the cornerstones of the Gosnold programs, where men and women discover the tools necessary for lasting recovery.

Gosnold on Cape Cod is the largest provider of addiction and mental health services on Cape Cod. This rich history of innovative programming and a commitment to individuals and families guides the development of new and improved services.

Gosnold treats addiction as a chronic disease that requires life-long management, and is often complicated by other medical, emotional and situational conditions. We believe that complications are improved by abstinence from other substances, thus we emphasize the need to get clean and sober as a priority.

Gosnold’s mission – to excel in addiction and mental health treatment, to serve men, women and families affected by these illnesses and to promote lasting recovery—has guided Gosnold since 1972.



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