Hanley Center

At Hanley Center, we understand addiction and help individuals develop a personal plan of care that will best serve them in their path to recovery. With more than 20 years of individual victories over drug and alcohol addiction, Hanley Center has provided people with the tools to attain and maintain their freedom through addiction recovery.

Hanley Center provides dedicated gender and age specific treatment paths that have effectively helped many people to recover from the pain of addiction. We also provide outpatient services for adolescents and families. We understand that gender and age often play a critical role in the course of treatment. For those reasons, our treatment approach includes:


Our highly specialized treatment paths offer a full continuum of care for alcohol, drug and substance abuse recovery. This continuum includes: medically managed detoxification, comprehensive psychiatric and psychological services, primary residential treatment, family program, day treatment, intensive outpatient, outpatient, and alumni aftercare and support with two years of follow-up after treatment.





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