Can a Detox Kit Help You Pass a Drug Test?

There is a battle going on right now in homes and companies all over the world related to drug abuse and privacy.  Many companies have made it a hiring requirement to force employees to submit to a drug test before they can be hired.  Some companies even have routine drug testing as part of their on-going procedures.

In homes, some parents are beginning to use tests like these on their kids to make sure they are aware if their kids decide to start experimenting with drugs.

Because of this increased use of drug testing, there are now products available in the marketplace that claim to help you pass these tests, regardless of whether or not you are actually drug-free.

Clearly, these types of products are dishonest.  However, the people who are considering their use are usually more concerned about whether they work or not.

Here are some additional reasons you should stay away from these at-home detox kits.

They Don’t Just Test For Drugs

On the rare occurrence when one of these kits does remove or hide the drugs in your system, it doesn’t mean you will pass the test.  For example, caffeine is frequently used in these types of kits because it works as a diuretic.

When you urinate more, it reduces the concentration of the illegal drug and makes it less likely that you will test positive.

However, most of the drug tests that are given these days test for things like excessive caffeine.  They also test for things like Gluterahyde and Nitrites.  If your test shows excessive amounts of any of these items, it will be obvious that you’ve done something to try to cheat the drug test.


They Don’t Eliminate Toxins

A common misconception is that these kits actually flush the toxins from your body, but this isn’t usually the way it works.  The only way to get the drugs out of your system is for your body to flush them out naturally by letting them make their way through your kidneys, lever and spleen.

These products either try to speed up that natural process, or they try to hide the toxins.

Drinking Water is Another Red Flag

Sometimes people think that they can cheat these drug tests by drinking large amounts of water.  However, this also is not a very effective way to cheat a drug test.

When you drink a lot of water, it dilutes your urine.  This does help your kidneys flush out the illegal substances.  However, all of this flushing also removes some of the natural substances that SHOULD BE in your urine.

Chances are that any drug test you may be required to take will also check for the presence of these things that should show up.  If they are missing (because you tried to flush your system with too much water), it will show up as a big red flag.

Too Much

Kits that claim to help you pass a drug test also frequently contain Niacin and B-complex vitamins.  This is because these substances also help your body flush through the illegal toxins, but they can help your urine retain some of its normal color and minerals so it doesn’t set off any red flags.

The problem with this is that too much of those substances can be very dangerous.  They can cause ulcers, numbness in your extremities, memory problems, hyperglycemia and gout.


Since more and more companies are making potential and current employees submit to drug tests, more and more people are trying to find ways around them.  That means more companies are creating products that they claim they can help you pass these tests.

The truth is that those products don’t work.  They are just companies who are out to steal your money because you are desperate.  There is only one way to ensure you will pass a drug test.

Don’t use drugs or alcohol.

It will help your employment opportunities and your life.

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