How to NOT Become an Alcoholic

In a perfect world, everyone would be aware of the potential dangers of alcoholism and drug abuse.  These habits and addictions can change the life of an addict as well as their friends and family.  Unfortunately, these habits can also lead to death.

Do those dire potential consequences mean that you shouldn’t drink alcohol at all?  Not necessarily.

We’re going to talk about several things you can get educated about and signs to look for to prevent you (or those you know) from crossing that dangerous line.

Review Your Family History

The first thing you should consider is whether you have a history of addiction in your family.  If so, it would be wise to avoid alcohol use as much as possible.  The more you drink, the more likely you are to follow in your family’s footsteps.

Don’t Drink to Self-medicate

This is a dangerous habit that people think they can control, but it isn’t that easy.  Studies have shown that when people self-medicate with alcohol, they are much more likely to continue down the path to abuse and addiction.

It is important that you find other outlets if you are upset, depressed, etc and so you don’t turn to alcohol.

Don’t Binge Drink

Another easy way to make sure you don’t turn the corner to abuse is to avoid binge drinking.  This includes drinking contests or any other activity that is centered on drinking large amounts of alcohol is a short period of time.

Know the Early Signs

It is critical that you are fully aware of the signs of alcoholism.  These include irritability, drinking alone, depression, shakiness, hiding how much you’re drinking and decreasing the amount of time you spend on activities you used to like so you can drink instead.

If you notice these signs, you should immediately stop drinking.  If you find this difficult, it’s time to seek help.

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